Trevor Huddleston CR Memorial Centre, 71 Toby Street, Sophiatown, Johannesburg, 2092 . Post: PO Box 468, Westhoven 2142.  

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A Sophiatown and surrounding communities where all people truly belong: where there is healing, opportunity and prosperity; so that resources are used to create a society where none live in poverty.

We are inspired by the life-long service of Fr Huddleston to the recognition of every person's intrinsic and equal value:  we aim to operate with integrity, a focus on service, we value innovation and respect diversity.

Sophiatown, in the suburbs of Johannesburg, was once known for its bohemian lifestyle and vibrant music scene. But 60 years ago, the South African government decided to clear the multi-racial neighbourhood to turn it into a whites-only area… Read more



About Sophiatown


The Trevor Huddleston CR Memorial Centre condemns in no uncertain terms the recent invasion of Ukraine by the Putin regime.  We further condemn the misuse and conflation of religious tropes, cultural chauvinism, and militaristic bully tactics employed by this offending regime. We join Pope Francis in appealing “to those with political responsibility to examine their consciences before God,” and “pray that all the parties involved refrain from any action that would cause even more suffering to the people, destabilizing coexistence between nations and bringing international law into disrepute.”

Fr Trevor Huddleston always championed the course justice for those that are offended and violated. As the Trevor Huddleston CR Memorial Centre we join the voices of many South Africans and and organisations and call for:

This is a moment of truth, and we choose the side truth, justice, and peace.

Statement on the invasion of  Ukraine:

Known as Sophiatown the Mix -  are a state of the art ‘green’ building and an original 1930s Sophiatown home that has a rich history.  You can discover more by joining a walking tour every Saturday at 11am (other days by arrangement)

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